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Or 10% -40% board industry is facing a severe test cabinet


 the traditional sales season approaching, many cabinets, especially small and medium enterprises, may no longer count on in previous years, "Wong King" is more to consider how they survive, to learn the energy to prepare for the winter. 

Fight they expect is from the cabinet industry, upstream and downstream worse news - they must be prepare for the worst of the psychological preparation. Insiders even pessimistic that there will be a considerable number of small and medium enterprises will face possible closure. 

Rumors of wind and water board prices on the domestic industry, is not a day or two things, and when the legendary man of the numbness gradually, "the wolf" has really come: from the Dew River Plate, the ADB board Love sheet grid plate and other famous enterprises the news: The recent upward adjustment of domestic plate prices are invariably, or about 10% to 40% range. 

Lushuihe As the plate, one of the largest production and sales, the trend also is seen as an industry leader board. SOCIETY FOR Lushuihe general manager confirmed to reporters: price tide, enterprises will be fine-tuning at the end of the price and the price in 2011 will be a dramatic adjustment. As for how much prices rose, domestic prices go up according to the criteria to determine. 

In addition, a giant man-made sheet of domestic, Chen Hongbing, general manager of the ADB Panel also confirmed by chemical raw materials, timber, water and oil and coal prices 

Impact of RMB appreciation, the ADB board will raise the price, currently in the adjustment period will increase by 50 per cubic meter, or 100 per month. 

Downstream industries such as sheet metal cabinets, sheet metal prices will have a profound impact on the industry. The face of the cost of production increased sharply, prices will be over a long period cabinets into the norm. At the same time, real estate Deal of the impact of the housing market reduces consumer demand. Decline in prices and demand situation, the current mid-range cabinet sales there have been signs of decline. 

It is understood that the moment the most prominent changes in the cabinet market is mid-range product sales decline significantly. Blue Valley, according to Mr. Choi cabinet Leader description: "mid-range cabinet sales fell 10%. There are a price of 2 million sales of the rapid decline of the cabinet, but the 50,000 to 100,000 yuan for high-end sales were in the cabinet growth, recently signed a month can order half a dozen villas. "He believes that the cabinet as the downstream real estate industry, market trend and is the corresponding property. 

The industry said the market downturn, for villas, luxury and other high-end consumer groups are not obvious, this part of the population will still buy high-end building materials; but for working-class, white-collar workers, in particular, increased down payment to buy a how much money there is no room for post- 

Decoration, the choice of cabinet products are of course the cheaper the better, which directly led to the mid-range low-end consumer groups to the building line. 

In addition, the industry also said the cabinet market was the impact of rising raw material prices is obvious, the cost increases, the cabinet can only follow the rise in the price, but it led to deter consumers. 

Prohibitive factor for consumers far more than the price, recently, the National Development and Reform Commission announced in October monitoring of urban food retail prices. In the monitoring of the 31 kinds of products, nearly 80% price rise. Turns up all kinds of people's livelihood and food prices have been so many low-income families have a "hardship" life crisis. 

Home industry trends in the doldrums, showing year on year sales decline, coupled with price increases agitated plate, the cabinet industry will face unprecedented challenges. 

Board prices on the impact of each enterprise can not be generalized, as each state of the business, the demands are different points, companies can adjust the process, compression profits to reduce stress. Qu Mei Furniture president Zhao Ruihai sigh, the furniture industry in recent years show "a little more into the" situation, more and more difficult market, the price of each plate is a major industry challenge


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