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Furniture exports of forest certified wood products "green barriers "

10 months of 2010, exports of wood products by testing furniture 34,000 grant, which was an increase 5.36%; value of 586 million, which was an increase of 51.71%. With the increase in exports of wood furniture, European and other developed countries have begun to take restrictive measures to increase the threshold of China's export of wood products. Is widely recognized forest certification has become the new "green barrier" a direct impact on China's wood products exports. 

Zhongshan business-related personnel told reporters: "One of the EU for many years customers have been asking whether their products have a green label, if any, will the next volume orders, or the suspension of their trade." Later, the company only after careful inquiry know, the green label to pass an extremely rigorous forest certification.The certification not only raw materials for furniture made high environmental requirements, and certification expensive. 

Forest certification is the internationally popular eco-friendly certification is considered the ecological and economic win-win situation for the effective means. It includes forest management certification and chain of custody audit by an independent third party in accordance with a set of internationally recognized criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management system, the forest management methods to assess and issue a written certificate to prove the forest mode of operation and environment-friendly and sustainable, so that the conservation of biological diversity and its value, to maintain ecological functions and integrity of the forest, protection of endangered species and their habitats. From After "forest certification" of forest harvesting and its products can be out of the wood labeled "green label" to explicitly indicate the timber and timber products from the world where good forest management, wood products manufacturers and to facilitate consumers about the source of wood and wood products, environmentally friendly behavior in order to facilitate their purchase of wood, paper and other forest products to support sustainable management of forests and forestry to the positive direction. 

It is understood that a strong environmental awareness in Europe, the consumer commitment to purchase only certified, from well managed forests, timber and forest products, even higher than the price of these products are not certified products. In addition, with increased awareness of environmental protection, global consumers have more ways through the purchase of certified products to protect human life in the forest.Many multinational companies to begin production and sales of FSC certified forest products to meet consumer demand, and establish the company's green image. 

The worry is that China's forest certification has just started, had not been parties concerned, particularly wood products manufacturers recognized and accepted.Inspection and quarantine personnel to the reporters for their visit to the furniture manufacturer, said the situation, some companies charge for this FSC forest certification also expressed great concern that the country must first of all forest certification by the major market share in the EU region These enterprises to promote exports, wood products will also become the future development of an important trend in the furniture industry. Because they either buy more expensive, imports of certified timber, either his own money to buy their raw materials to the forest management unit to pay certification costs. Therefore, forest certification on the export of furniture manufacturing enterprises will be a very big impact. 

Inspection and quarantine officers that, if not immediately adapt to the situation, these companies will already have gradually lost market share in Europe and North America, even if the price is low the quality of their products will not help. 

Although the concept of forest certification has been introduced into China more than 10 years, for the general public, to its knowledge, passion is still in the plausible and the "warm-not hot" stage. In 2001, the Leading Group on Forest Certification was established in 2004, "China's forest certification system program" been completed; to the 2008 national forest management through FSC certification of enterprises is only 11. The total area of forest management certification less than 60 million hectares, accounted for only 0.34% of total forest area. March 1, 2009, the state commission established "rules for the implementation of forest certification in China" into effect. 

State Forestry Administration in September 2010 issued a "speeding up forest certification on the guidance," and proposed that by 2015, the pilot forest certification in the state forest system, forest certification in the collective forest areas to carry out a pilot to guide the main export-oriented forest products production and marketing enterprises to develop chain of custody certification, the initial establishment of a national forest certification system and to achieve international mutual recognition.2020, to encourage state-owned forests and forest management group active in forest certification, forest products production and sales to guide enterprises to carry out the main chain of custody certification, certification to further expand the type and scope of forest certification form a more mature market, improve the national forest certificationand expand the scope of the international mutual recognition system to improve the level of sustainable forest management. 

The industry experts believe that forest certification on forest management in China and export of wood products are both opportunities and challenges. The level of good forest management and forest management unit oriented timber processing enterprises, forest certification means that the logs and timber products have a wide range of domestic and foreign markets, and for a lower level of forest management and forest management unit can not afford the production and marketing chain of custody certification of wood processing enterprises, and its timber exports to international markets, especially in environmentally sensitive markets in Europe and America will face the prospect of challenge 


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