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Concern: Elm furniture sales market prospects

Classic wood furniture as a traditional, old elm is a common wood, but the change with age, old elm wood has become scarce, one of the old elm furniture for its stocky, exquisite carving, collecting a huge investment in space increasingly favored by the market. Recently, a Beijing antique furniture business person in charge of the occasion in the present end of the year drew to a close, the capital of the elm furniture market transactions are gradually warming up. 
Elm furniture market about the future, the company official said: "We opened in Beijing only two outlets, the country set up a 60, manufactured products directly to various parts of its stores and distribution side. Until now Camp store distribution to the north the majority, the South lower, the next step will focus on the development of MERCOSUR. " 
Zibo, Shandong, according to an old elm wood furniture business person in charge, the future market prospects the old elm, old elm wood furniture, contemporary Zibo local market competition, and the growing scarcity of wood, can be predicted, the future market potential of the old elm wood furniture collection unlimited. 
Elm wood is also valuable. 
Old furniture, old elm existing in very small amounts, but also very old style, so use the new style to decorate the old elm wood furniture, so not only meet the modern psychology of nostalgia, but also meets the aspirations of people to fashion, In addition, elm furniture, fresh and simple yet natural, Su, in diameter, texture, weight, stress and other aspects of wood outstanding performance for the modern man in today's complex, fickle, fast-paced environment to create a cultural atmosphere rich in but yet elegant home environment. 
Professional Committee of China Furniture Association, vice president of Chan Po Kwong was in the meeting that not only Chinese traditional furniture in mahogany furniture, traditional furniture, such as elm and some other materials is also a valuable timber, to ignore the value of timber, both the traditional Misconceptions of furniture, but also a disguised form of cultural heritage waste. 
Expert advice: selecting furniture should pay attention to three aspects of Elm 
Selection of elm furniture, classical furniture of the Palace Museum experts recommend that consumers should pay attention to Hu Desheng three. 
First, technology. Piece of furniture is in place not only determine the details of the furniture itself value, but also reflects the attitude of factory production and technology standards. 
Second, the color. Antique furniture, rigorous attention to the overall unity of the selection of materials also adhere to "a wooden one device" standard. Elm furniture in the selection should also focus on the harmonization of the overall color, color should not be too large. Meanwhile, moderate Elm simple color, pattern vivid, the sculpture should not be too heavy too dense, compact suitable for Lichtung Ming furniture styling. 
Third, the design is reasonable. A qualified elm furniture should be elegant and correct style, smooth lines, right and wrong is clear, revealing the elegance of Chinese traditional furniture classical beauty. In particular, the elm buy household furniture, not too obtrusive strange, in terms of size specifications should be fit and modern living environment 


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