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The furniture industry Keywords 2010 - Redwood FY

Known as the furniture in mahogany furniture, the nobility, of course, the slightest movements are of concern. Mahogany furniture market in 2010 can be called one after another, nine are building networks to boil down a few big Xiaobian situation event. 

One of mahogany furniture situation: camouflage "White" 

CCTV News Channel "Weekly Quality Report" broadcast program "," white "material to discredit mahogany furniture", the uproar inside and outside the industry, wood industry, wood furniture generally distracted by the phenomenon of white as a skin tear as being alive open, opened a part of the manufacturers of the pain, but also to cast a shadow over the entire industry. Makes the behavior of some unscrupulous manufacturers affected the entire industry, to consumers most likely on the mahogany furniture, the risk of loss of confidence in the consumer market situation, groaning red man guards the pass to come forward once again played the role of the industry benchmark. All are welcome to visit the factory and fully understand the process of furniture making, supervision and inspection at any time accept the media. 

CCTV news as exposure to the nation as consumers, manufacturers in the workshop stood naked body piece of furniture, a large number of "white" and then one of inclusion, or as suffering from "vitiligo", they wait for the so-called "master for "The make-up master painting color, disguise himself, and then to the market, put into the consumer's home. One of the "White" content astonishing sixty percent. 

"White" is the so-called mahogany bark, the wood problem, not suitable as a furniture wood, susceptible to insects, furniture, life is reduced. Loss of mahogany furniture, "Precious," handed down value. 

Mahogany furniture, "white" body shape "vitiligo" 

The second situation mahogany furniture: Price suspense 

Some time ago a mahogany furniture, the news touched the collapse of many people nervous: price of 80 million yuan 10 sets of "high price of furniture", now less than 60 million can buy 19 sets, the price has shrunk to a percentage of the original less than one. 

No doubt this rumor was explosive. Mahogany furniture prices really crash it? Impact on the mahogany furniture industry? This piece of news which interests behind the push hands? In the trace the origin of the same time, we should self-examine, and now the wood furniture industry, how healthy development? 

Up in a collective sound, there are exceptions, like the African pear from 3,800 yuan / ton fell to 3,200 yuan / ton. Many industry insiders believe that this and the African pear "identity" related. African pear wood is not prescribed by the State within the genus, with the improvement of living conditions, this "pseudo" more and more people are disgusted mahogany. Red mahogany furniture company Fidelity Yang Jun Kim told reporters, the African pear 10 sets of two to three million from last year fell to 1.8-2 million now, "Now more than manufacturers, shipping, and this is normal competitionresults. " 

So in the end mahogany furniture really dropped in price it? Mahogany furniture, some say fall is the actual situation, but in reality will be skyrocketing, so that people began to hoard goods. In fact, the market changes is not known in advance who can only say that sale should assessment fairness, do not blindly follow the trend. Do not be cheap, "just the right price to buy good furniture." 

The third situation mahogany furniture: painting wax PK 

Mahogany furniture, luxury is well known, often the more valuable the more things right and wrong, once get in, "Poster door." 

Red mahogany furniture and groaning in uniform posted in nearly a Guide called "waxing PK paint" posters, along the lines is to compare the two mahogany furniture for instance, lists the difference, clearly pointed out in the paint waxed furniture Furniture advantage. "A splash wave", the move was a groaning mall red some of the mahogany furniture by painting process against the company, fearing that the poster would affect their sales and to put pressure on shopping centers, shopping malls, without staffgrievances will be taken to enforce the red tear agreed measures, the two sides are still in negotiation. 

Zhang consumers spent more than a decade at the end of August yuan to buy a painting of the pear Ocean bed, going to see happen to purchase a "wax paint PK" poster, mahogany furniture, because of their comparative lack of knowledge, Zhang With questions to ask Mr industry after industry to identify, Zhang painted wood furniture purchased does not meet the national standard for the material standard of "Asian pear," with the Asian pear pear looks lighter in color similar to non-performing businesses Asian pear is often coated in the color tone paint too expensive to fake pear, the price difference up to several times. 

Look back groaning red "posters door", the posters groaning red "wax paint PK" are talking about the fact that, for the uninformed consumer, indeed played a very good warning to avoid being taken , so that consumers in the choice of Chinese local "luxury" to be more hearts. On the other hand, groaning red mahogany furniture for their own did a very good free publicity, "Poster door" is to tell consumers, "We are not painted mahogany furniture is excellent", after some agonizing, Even if the grievances of red tear posters, I believe many people would choose the red and groaning. 

In view of this, "Poster door" is a win-win for consumers and reaching the sky red, can not help but sigh: it is high 


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