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Vietnam prices yellow rosewood February 1 times

Reporter mahogany furniture from Dongguan to do business more than understand, as Vietnam, Laos, felling mahogany wood raw material producing areas intensified restrictions this year, opening the domestic wood prices are accelerating upward trend in the high-end mahogany double jump up the price, But the buy-back channel is still poor mahogany, hard return on investment realized. 

"Because of Laos, Cambodia, the growing scarcity of forest resources, then no matter how good the future ability of even stronger relationship, any field of human relations, and also very difficult to have large-scale high-volume supply." Wood Furniture Co., Ltd., Dongguan, general manager of five thousand years of Wu Xun Ping told reporters. 

In addition to the mahogany furniture, raw material prices, labor costs are up 20% to 30%, therefore, mahogany furniture, the price of raw materials, compared with mahogany, will rise even more powerful. 

Pear to 2 months in Vietnam rose more than 1 times 

Reporter from a mahogany furniture industry supply flow chart seen the price of Lao Zi is a rosewood December 1, 2010 was 169 yuan / kg, 1 January 2010 has reached 199 yuan / kg, Laos Rosewood and Africa, the price per kilogram of wood wings were also up by 40 yuan and 20 yuan, an increase of the chain continues to expand. 

Redwood prices with low tens of dollars per kilogram, the rate rose in comparison, high-end mahogany price gains are staggering. Pear in Vietnam in November 2010 the price of 1599 yuan / kg, in January 2011 was adjusted to 3,899 yuan / kg, or more than 1 times. Need Hainan pear wood is almost hard to find nowhere in the market. 

Wu Xun Ping told reporters: "mahogany for a very long growth cycle, in a certain period of time equivalent to non-renewable resources, and Vietnam, the main producing countries Redwood has strengthened the control on logging mahogany species, continuous higher market prices is inevitable." Year-round mahogany rush of raw materials level in Southeast Asia, Wu Xun was revealed at the Redwood circulation of raw materials, 80% belong to a special channel to enter the Chinese market. "China is about 5200 mahogany furniture factory, most of the wood raw material for the factory owners have to worry about, I am often out of a trip, empty-handed, due to reduced raw materials, coupled with the pro handmade mahogany furniture needs, we take theOrders are generally six months or even one year can be shipped to the customer. "he said. 

Redwood prices have been caused by non-hot money speculation 

The media reported that some time ago mahogany price, after a reporter visited the market learned that not all prices are in mahogany. Mahogany furniture of the Arts head of Acer He said the market before the red sandal wood, chicken wings, etc. are also incorporated into the mahogany wood, but as the market matures, consumers mahogany increasing awareness of raw materials, Such low-end mahogany wood will gradually be drawn out of the category of a price reduction of the phenomenon. 

"Price is not good wood, it is precisely those low-end mahogany. Rosewood furniture factory is now scarce raw materials, coupled with rising labor costs, especially at the end, carpenters are going home for Chinese New Year, in order to retain the wood, some enterprises at increasing labor costs, carpentry wages generally rose 20% to 30% plus profit businesses also need to maintain plant operations, these costs are rising, how will prices of mahogany furniture it?! "He Acer said. 

The problem of media coverage of the hot money speculation, Acer He believes that if the last few years, mahogany prices, do not rule out the possibility of hot money speculation, but two years of scarcity of resources, hot money speculation difficult to supply, together with 2007, the Redwood prices spike, so that some speculators lose even go bankrupt, the amount of the current market has been hot money than ever before. 

Comparison rational buyer orders before 3 months 

After the 2007 spike, mahogany furniture, two years more and more rational market, consumers have a very high awareness, are very own ideas, to listen to very little buy mahogany furniture factory sales staff recommendation. 

Ping Wu Xun, one of the customers, is a stealth wealthy Guangzhou, in order to house with a full range of mahogany furniture, and he ran for three months in the whole Pearl River Delta, a manufacturer of mahogany furniture, a comparison was eventually selected five thousand Wood Furniture Dongguan plant. 

Wu Xun is on the level, this seems picky customers, the service is the most likely customers. "He even furniture design drawings are painted himself well, we just need to follow the pattern it wants to produce." 

Another one in Dongguan mahogany furniture shop Manager Liu also lamented, mahogany furniture, now more and more professional buyers, he even met with him directly to some customers reported that prices of raw materials, labor costs, the last reported a cost of just over all the price a little bit, added: "I will make sure that you can earn." This allows Mr.Liu dumbfounding 


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