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Panel 2010 price increase is a foregone conclusion

This is a bit withered wood-based panel market in the new year warming trend emerged at the same time, electricity, raw materials, chemicals and other materials prices also increased significantly increase the cost of the plywood business, the market competition is imminent , Can better grasp of their own territory and compete for high-quality wood-based panel enterprise customers will be the decisive factor in the development of the New Year ... ...

First, the price adjustment costs lead to wood-based panels business

Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission published the latest price adjustment programs: from November 20, 2009 began, the national non-civil tariff average of 2.8 cents per unit. This large wood-based panels for electricity manufacturing enterprises, especially in high-density fiberboard business will increase the cost of new. With the end of 2009, chemicals, wood raw material prices; together with the global economy to gradually pick up, the increase in export orders; domestic supply and demand relations board a new pattern: the end of 2009 to early 2010, the entire wood-based panel industry, prices have become Inevitable.

Second, the raw material supply and demand pushed the cost of wood-based panels business 

Resources: all over the forest resources, due to the acquisition of factories in different regions, species, transport distance and other factors, raw material costs vary, but the wood itself, prices are more prominent, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Fujian, Jiangxi, the rate of increase of 20 pine logs 40 yuan / cubic, Yunnan, Heilongjiang, rises 10 to 25 yuan / cubic meters. 
Plate consumption by 1.35 to 1.45 tonnes / cubic meter, timber prices will lead to increased panel costs 20 to 60 yuan / cubic meter. 

Third, higher prices make the cost of additives to increase 

While the domestic paraffin wax, formaldehyde, melamine plates and other major chemical raw materials for production, prices skyrocket. For example, wax products, Shenyang Paraffin Chemical Plant by the July 6800 yuan / ton in November rose to 8,600 yuan / ton, or 18%; formaldehyde products, Linyi Cheung Yuen September 970 yuan / ton in November rose to 1,100 tons, or 13% , melamine by the September 7900 yuan / ton rose to 8,300 yuan / ton, or 4%. 
Formula and the factory of the different regions, integrated down the cost of chemical raw materials, production costs will increase by 40 to 80 yuan / cubic meters. 

In summary, the enterprises to absorb the cost of about 80 to 150 does not seem realistic, a new round of market competition be introduced. It is reported that in mid-November, as the nation's industry leaders, the ADB Panel's various factories have been released in stages notice price increases, with the Houweilibang brand also announced price increases, it seems that just completed by the end of the wood-based panel industry price freeze thaw has become an inevitable trend in prices in 2010, plywood prices will rise into the channel. 


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